Hi, I’m Adrian.





For more than 10 years of professional experience, I have been consulting companies and government agencies in the field of digital transformation, digital advertising and website development. Currently working as Corporate Director Commercial Marketing and Digital Strategy responsible for over 50 hotels.

If you need clear, targeted and data-driven advice without the usual bullshit bingo, I can most likely help you.

Contact me and I will give you a time and cost estimate.


What I do / did

computer work


EU-Commission consulting project: EuroAccess
Digital marketing, web analytics and technology consulting regarding a website for EU fundings. Supported to create a EU-Commission report regarding necessary measures.


Website relaunch & concept: Falkensteiner
Project management for scope & phase 1 relaunch plan. Also setting the technical scope and requirements for an efficient content workflow. (2019)

Website relaunch & concept: Tele2 Austria
Project management for the attender, strategy & (succesful) pitch phase. (2017)

University App: uniPortal
(Former) Co-Founder and managing director of a 6-digit founded app project for universities in austria.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing: Weitzer Hotels
Consulting the online marketing team regarding social media campaigns, SEA budgets and website development.

Digital Transformation

Digital Innovation consulting: Vienna House
Driving data-based innovation with changing key technologies to improve overall digital efficiency.